Frequently Asked Questions

Does the aluminium crack?

All trailers and indeed all fabricated parts may crack if the incorrect materials and manufacturing method is used. It is important to know your materials & their capability. At LITE tow trailers, we have researched this thoroughly to ensure we had the best possible material & process to suit the job.
To reinforce our endorsement of welded aluminium you need only look around at the extensive use of aluminium today. For example;
Boats: Some 40% of new boats on the market are welded aluminium
Truck Trailers: Many of the new trailers for the semi’s are welded aluminium for weight saving to save on fuel cost

Does aluminium last longer than steel?

In most applications aluminium will outlast steel as it does not rust. Boat trailers for example, are subjected to salt water which can rust out a steel trailer within 3 years without continual care. Aluminium does not rust!

What are the main benefits of aluminium?

Aluminium is so much lighter than steel and other types of materials. When building trailers this is the most important factor particularly when fuel costs are so expensive. Aluminium does not rust and can be left in it’s natural state without painting or protection and looks just great.

Why not bolt an aluminium trailer together?

Trailers flex all the time when traveling and this flexing can cause bolted sections to become loose which accelerates the wear between the parts and eventually leads to failures. Many of the bolted aluminium trailers use stainless steel bolts for use in salt water but stainless steel and aluminium react badly to each other causing electrolysis which is a high corrosive action which again leads to failure.